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Model KA-101  

Integrated Amplifier


*Selected extra large VU meter with elegant ambiance

*Premium capacitors deployed throughout

* With aluminium foots(Ready for tripods modification) 

*With special winding tech for output  transformer. The frequency response is  flat ,wide  &  powerful

*Earphone output is powered via winding on output  transformer with comparable with the professional earphone amplifier & with

  3 level selectable impedance output

*3 groups normal input plus an additional ”Pre- Amp.”input  group that could be used as Power –Amp.      


Specification :

Power output  : 2 x 12W

Tube : EL84 x 4, 5AR4 x 1, 12AU7 x 2, 12AX7 x 1

Input : CD, AUX1, AUX2, PRE-IN

Dimension(cm) : (W)20 x (D)23 x (H)21, (W)8" x (D)9" x (H)8"

Weight : 11Kg

Power consumption :120W





Model CD-301  

Tube Output CD player - DAC




* USB cable link with computer directly to be a DAC function to play uncompressed music files & is compatible with Window &    Apple.


Specification :

* Tube - 6H3n x 2

* DAC-PCM1795 

* USB port chips-PCM2706

* Output:- Optical x1 

                Coaxial x1

                RCA-Transistor x1

                RCA-Tube x1

    Input:- USB x1

Dimension(mm) : (W)430 x (H)92x (D)330

Weight : 7Kg

Power consumption :25W